DCCW runs several programmes aimed at the education of children from under-privileged families. All the programmes are targeted at children of school-going age. The programmes originated based on the needs that were identified. For instance, from the children who were part of the educational sponsorship programme, we found that financial assistance is not enough to keep them in school. They need help with their studies beyond that, which their parents typically are not in a position to provide them. That was the impetus to start the Homework Scheme, where teachers help these children with their homework and clarify their doubts. The homework scheme was useful for the children in the Working children’s Project too.

There are three programmes aimed at facilitating school education :

Educational Sponsorship

Homework Scheme

Working Children’s Project

We also have a Vocational Training programme aimed at providing some income-generating skills to adolescents so that they can help augment the income of their parents and improve their overall quality of life.

Vocational Training Programme