How you can Help

There are many different ways in which YOU can help.

You can sponsor surgical rehabilitation of physically disabled children.

You can help us spread awareness about our programmes.

You can sponsor education of children.

You can help us meet the costs of running Palna, our home for abandoned children.

And in many other ways…


Our programs run primarily on donations.You can donate in cash or kind – here are some suggestions:

  • Sponsor a surgery for a disabled child
  • Sponsor school education sponsorship of a child
  • Take care of the medical expenses of an abandoned child
  • Sponsor rehabilitation of a mentally challenged child
  • Make a general purpose contribution towards meeting the program running costs
  • Help us get medical equipment and accessories that we need from time to time
  • Donate food rations
  • Donate clothes
  • Donate medicines
  • Use our calendar as your corporate calendar
  • Donate wheelchairs / walkers

  • Note : Donations to Delhi Council for Child Welfare are 100% exempt from tax under Section 35AC, Income Tax Act 1961.

    Purchase our products

    Our children make a variety of products – greeting cards, calendars, tablecloths, dupattas, napkin sets, silk pouches...and many more.
    Click here to see our product range.

    Work with us

    We believe dedication and talent are critical in working with DCCW. If you are interested in working with us, please do send your resume to . Current open positions are listed in the Jobs section under Quick Links.


    We are grateful to our volunteers for sparing their valuable time. We try to provide them with a great experience and let them know of the difference they make. We suitably acknowledge their contribution.
    We need volunteers occasionally- all such requirements are posted on our Wish List or Jobs.

    Spread the word:

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    Host a fundraiser:

    If you are interested in hosting a fundraiser please do contact us by sending us an email at