ShriNajeeb Jung                       
Hon’ble Lt Governor of Delhi            

Shri Kamal Nath Union Minister for Urban Development

Dr Sandhya Bhalla

Dr Bhalla brings over 20 years of work experienceto DCCW, spanning across corporate, government and the NGO sectors. She was Director, Sharan before she came to DCCW, and prior to that has held senior positions in Confederation of Indian Industryand has been Member Governing Board &Advisor to Sahara, an NGO working with People Living with HIV/AIDS.

Executive Committee
The Executive Committee is an elected body that is responsible for the overall management of DCCW’s affairs. Its members work strictly in an honorary capacity. No remuneration, sitting fees, or any form of compensation is paid to any Executive Committee members, nor does any Executive Committee member receive travel fees towards attending any DCCW meetings.

Executive Committee Member

Position & Background

Mrs Sudha Gupta

Hony President, DCCW
Social Worker of over 25 years standing
Trustee, Vinod Charitable Trust
Member, Friends of SantParmanand Hospital Welfare Assn

Mrs Meenaxi Gupta

Hony Vice President, DCCW
Social Worker for over 30 years

Mr AsheeshVaderaa

Hony General Secretary, DCCW
Businessman in Leather industry

Mrs Brinda Shroff

HonyJt Secretary, DCCW
Board Member, The Indian School, Delhi
Businesswoman (Manufacturing)

Mr MukulBhatnagar

Hony Treasurer, DCCW
Chartered Accountant (MukulBhatnagar& Co)

Mr Ravi Bahadur

Financial Advisor
Retired from Board of Directors of DCM Ltd, Delhi

Mrs Asha Gupta

Social Worker
Treasurer, Indian Council for Child Welfare

Mrs Sunita Luthra

Associated with DCCCW for over 6 years

Mr. Pradeep Kuckreja


Ms Barkha Kumar

Businesswoman (Media / Home décor)
Associated with DCCW for over 10 years

Mrs Kiran Dalmia

Social Worker

Mrs Sunita Parmar

Social worker for over 20 years

Mrs Radhika Minocha

Ex-Investment Banker
Advisor,  Social Enterprises

Mr Ishwinder Singh

Corporate experience of 40+ years
Entrepreneur businessman (Exports)