News Bulletin 10 Feb 2012

PALNA reaches out….


To the Trilokpuri Community.



Please meet Sundari, who is 18  years old today. She went to Sweden in 1996 as a two year old toddler, but she has not forgotten the country of her birth. We are so very proud of both her achievements and her compassionate attitude. She and her Mother have been collecting money to give the Trilokpuri Community a Centre they can be proud of:

  • A newly plastered boundary wall topped with a barbed wire to ensure security.
  • Ensuring a regular water supply
  • Trees and flowers to brighten up the environment
  • A vegetable garden so that the crèche children can have fresh vegetables.
  • Repairs and white washing of the ceiling and the walls of the Centre
  • Providing for a Security Guard.


Delhi Council for Child Welfare thanks Sundari and her family for all their thoughtfulness and generous donations.