Celebrating Palna Day 2014

PALNA Day 2014
PALNA Day is one of our traditional annual celebrations. It is a day when children who were once in Palna and are now n integral part of a loving family come back to PALNA with their families to enjoy an evening of togetherness, fun and games and camaraderie. Many of the children look forward to this evening, and their parents ensure that they are all able to be there. Of coursethis is only possible for families who are based in Delhi, and targeted at children who are still school-going.
                                                   Leaving their impressions!                                                                                           Tambola is always a favourite
This year PALNA Day was celebrated on 22ndNov 2014. Fifty-threeof the children and their families attended, making a total of about 200 people. It is not just the parents and siblings, but often grandparent, aunts and cousins come along too to join in the fun. There are all kinds of rides, and games, ending with lots of good food! We also sold products made by our Vocational Training children, like dupattas, decorative pouches and envelopes, bags etc as well as our 2015 calendar, The photographs catch the mood and the activities.
It is truly a pleasure to see how happy and bright the children are and how well they have become a part of their families! Parents of children also enjoy meeting each other and sharing experiences.
Quote from one parent: "We had a lovely time at Palna … the food was excellent and the gifts are so good and useful. Thank you for inviting us"
Au revoir until next year….