News Bulletin 15 May 2012

PALNA reaches out….


Infant Sandhya was left in the PALNA basket on 08 April, badly compromised, preterm, chest congestion. So she had to be hospitalized in St. Stephen’s Hospital.

On examination, she was found to have Retinotherapy of Prematurity – which in lay terms meant she needed immediate surgery on both her retinas to prevent total loss of sight.

PALNA appealed to Dr.Shroff’s Charitable Hospital and they said “Yes”, so now we have two children in Hospitals across town, Ishant in Gangaram Hospital for bone marrow transplant and Sandhya at Dr.Shroff’s for eye surgery.

These are only some of the day to day challenges that PALNA faces.

Do please keep our children in your thoughts and prayers and support PALNA in any way you can.