Palna Day 24th Nov 2012

Palna Day, the flagship event which bring together children, parents, grand- parents and staff all together to have an evening full of fun activities, eats and games. This year too like earlier we had 89 children coming back to Palna along with their family to share their joy with us. It was a delight to see the little angels growing up as bright young girls and lads.

Palna was a new face on 24th Nov evening with marigold flowers strung around the gate and pillars, colourful balloons across the lush green garden and tree tops, along with music, a small train and the highlight being the bouncy, where it was thronged by one and all.




Tattoo painting also a long line of children waiting, pottery also interested some, who also took back home what they made and yes! the mehendi  on the palms of little girls was a delight. Hoopla and darts did interest the boys, but to a limited extent.






Alongside a puppet show was announced which drew one and all to the show and the kids also shook hand with Mickey & Minnie mouse.



The eats had some hot pakoras, made in-house, cake, chips and sandwiches served along with hot tea/coffee, cold drinks and of course the all time favourite candy floss, which even the adults enjoyed.




Amidst all this was the tambola, managed by our executive committee members. Two rounds with bogie was the highlight and the winners loved their big teddy bears (nearly as big as them) as the full house prize. The children enjoyed taking their return presents with some of them bargaining for a bigger box.




The VTP items were in demand by parents along with the calanders and cards. The parents generously gave a donation along with gifts in kind which are useful for the children in-house with palna.




The house children too, enjoyed the train rides, the bouncy, drinks/snacks and candy floss.

To quote the feedback from our extended family of parents:

“The parents informed us that they had a wonderful time and wait every year for this Palna Day. Some of them who had busy schedules still came as the pressure from the children to attend the function was tremendous and they couldn’t say no to them, as it’s these children who have changed and filled their life with joy. This year we had a record number of children between the ages 12-18 yrs, though a little shy but gradually opened up. Families came from Pathankot; Meerut; Chandigarh & Bangalore to be part of this special day. Many came with Grandparents as their parents were travelling for work and their shared the joy and happiness for being Grandparents. In many families after adoption they even had a biological child, which further put the child on a pedestal that it’s the blessing of this little angel from Palna that we are blessed with another for company of the child. The joy and happiness, their ecstatic feelings and love for the child even drowned the loss of a spouse and the spirit to live was even stronger. Meeting with families has further assured us that Adoption is the best way forward to rehabilitate abandoned/lost children.  Hats off and cheers to our dedicated team at Palna, without whom we would be lost too”.

All this was possible only with the dedicated effort of the entire Palna team who left nothing to bring out the best. Our thanks to the team.