There are a variety of products made through our Vocational Training programme as well as by our Bal Chetna children, which you can buy. All products are reasonably priced and the proceeds from the sale of these products go towards our various projects for under-privileged, abandoned and disabled children.

Here are some of them – for enquiries / orders please call our office or send us an email at

Pouches (Rs 900 for set of 6)

Tablemats (Rs 250 – 350)

Jewellery neckpieces (Rs 1100)

Wine bags (Rs 40 each)

Candles (tealights Rs 100/18 ; Others Rs 150-350)

Cushion covers (Rs 250 – 450)

Gift envelopes (Rs 25-50 for 2)

Dupattas (Rs 500 – 1000)

Gift bags (Rs 15 – 30)

For enquiries please call our office or send an email to