Success Stories


Rahul is a 13 year old special needs child, who lives with his parents and brother in a small two-room rented accommodation. Their home is part of a government subsidised area and is provided with electricity and water supply, and the surrounding environment is good. Rahul’s parents areboth working hard as factory workers and try to provide basic needs to their family.
Rahul has a moderate hearing deficiency and speech disorder. When he was enrolled at our Sultanpuri Balchetna centre - which provides day-care for challenged children - in July 2013, he was a very hyperactive child and had poor comprehension ability. He would disturb the other children and would not co-operate with our staff.
Over the last year and a half at the DCCW centre he has been continuously guided by our special educator as wellas the speech therapist. Rahul has shown dramatic improvement. He now takes an interest in all the activities at the centre, and has undergone vocational training in making notepads and other items. Further,he is now goes to mobile phone shop and getting trained in repairing of mobile phones, and is well on the road to leading a productive life.
It is truly amazing how much progress Rahul has made in just a short span of 18 months! We are really proud of him!