Success Stories

Ida Anupama

Ida Anupama was adopted from Palna in 1989-90, when she was a six month old infant. Since then she has lived in Denmark with her parents Jane and Kim Koehler, and her older brother.
On 23rd December 2014, now aged 25 years, she came back to visit Palna for the first time, along with her parents. It was a proud moment for all of us at Palna to meet this young, tall, beautiful, poised, confident young woman! She went all around Palna and was very happy to see that all the children looked healthy and happy, and well taken care of – the older ones in their classroom and the little ones in the nursery.
Ida is currently studying to become a nurse. Her visit to Palna will remain a memorable one for her and she promised to keep in touch going forward.
We sincerely wish Ida Anupama the best in the years ahead!