Success Stories


Geeta is an 18 year old girl who was brought to our Orthopaedic Centre in August 2014 for treatment. Her father is daily wage labourer and her mother expired some time ago. Her father is the sole breadwinner and the family income is just Rs 3000/- per month.

Geeta was examined at the OPD and found to have post-polio residual palsy and knee contracture in her right leg. The doctor recommended a knee fixation surgery and she was admitted to the ward for the necessary surgery.
Thanks to the DCCW sponsorship program for surgeries for disabled children, Geeta’s corrective surgery was performed on 5th September 2014. It was a major surgery performed in 2 stages under general anaesthesia. This was followed by post-operative care including plaster cast, followed by physiotherapy and exercises with proper nutrition. In two months time, Geeta recovered and now her mobility is vastly improved, making a huge difference to her quality of life.
While undergoing treatment at DCCW, Geeta was counselled about the Vocational Training Programs that DCCW rune for girls, with the aim of giving them income generating skills. Geeta was enthusiastic about it, and with her father’s encouragement, has joined the 1 year training program for sewing and tailoring. She is doing very well there, and so apart from a physical rehabilitation, Geeta is well on her way to becoming an independent income-generator for her family, thus helping improve all their lives.