Success Stories


Newborn Samira arrived in the cradle in a precarious state in July, 2013. Severely low-weight and with multiple medical complications including Craniosynostosis, the doctors were in dilemma on how to save the child. The afflictions were both diverse and critical and it was a great challenge to balance the distinctive treatments in such a young baby. Anyway, they first set about to stabilise her.


Samira settled but soon enough, half-expectedly, we observed that Samira wasn't making her milestones. Rolling over, sitting standing and walking were simply very stubborn.

Surgery and intensive therapeutic interventions were applied and at last in the following few months, Samira exhibited some response. Undoubtedly we were greatly encouraged and we persevered on. 


Now, at 22 months, Samira has caught up!  Her fine motor ability almost matches up with her peers and it is a marvel to watch her stack rings on a peg, slowly turn pages and pick rice grains with a tip to tip grasp! The current on her little face when she conquers thus, is our greatest gratification and we feel truly connected in our contentment!  We are proud to add that speech stimulation has now enabled Samira to speak in monosyllables. 

We believe Samira's story is also our story. That of our determination which yet again dealt desperate odds. Even the Maker could not look away.