Success Stories


Little Sarthak is 3 with moderate to severe hearing impairment in both ears. His parents work as labour for a small wage. Work is not regular and they get enlisted as required by their contractor. Expectedly daily living is itself a great challenge.   

Sarthak joined our New Seemapuri Centre last year. His disability was quickly assessed and a hearing aid was organised from the nearby government hospital. Over several sessions with our therapist, the ground was broken as it were, and the child uttered ' papa' and ' mama'! With encouragement he started using his hands to gesture and gradually started comprehending basic 2/3 word commands.

Intense therapy followed with auditory training using varying frequencies, sound-stimulation alongwith oromotor exercises of the tongue, lip and jaw movement supported by blowing, sucking and chewing exercises. 

Greatly optimistic after the initial results, our therapists are now confident of mobilising the speech to a great extent. Our Sarthak will certainly speak!