Success Stories


Nidhi, once a student at our outreach Delhi centre, in Bawana, today, is an Instructor at the centre. 

Nidhi demonstrating hair styling to young under privileged girls

Nidhi comes from a poor family of 4 from Bajitpur, located beyond Bawana. Her father is a casual worker and mother, a housewife, who supplements the family income with some odd stitching jobs at home. Nidhi has a younger brother who goes to the local government school. While Nidhi was still at school, she became interested in the Beauty Culture course at our centre.


The centre is about 3 km from her home but she was so determined that she often walked 30 minutes to the centre to attend classes there. The need at home was obviously desperate. In 2014-15, Nidhi topped her batch.


Her sincerity and single mindedness had paid off and she was appointed Instructor at the centre! Here her family deserves mention for the support it readily offered for Nidhi to realise her dream.