Wish list

Wish list

Below is our wish list of requirements and projects for which we are looking for donors. If you can help us on any of these we would be grateful if you would contact us by phone or email (delhi.council@gmail.com ).

Sponsorship of surgeries

We have a backlog of physically disabled children waiting for surgeries (simple / major / specialised) for restoring mobility. Please help by sponsoring one or more surgeries. For further details look at Donate on the top Navigation bar

Dry rations

o help us meet our requirements for Palna and our crèches, we welcome donations of dry rations. Our typical monthly requirements are listed under Donate -> Donate in Kind


We need a mini-bus at our orthopaedic centre for the daily transportation of our mentally challenged Bal Chetna daycare children, as well as for the physically disabled children undergoing treatment at the Orthopaedic Centre.


Our medical bill in Palna is very high as most of the children come in requiring immediate medical attention. Donations of medicines are always needed. The medicines iwe need most are listed under Donate-> Donate in Kind.

Items required for Bal Chetna Children - Differently Abled Children - Pediatric Use at 4 centres

  • Wooden Peg Boards - large & small size
  • Gym Balls - 65cms
  • Dumbbells - 1kg & 1⁄2 Kg
  • Weight Cuffs - 1⁄2 kg; 1kg & 2kg
  • Standing Frame - medium size
  • C.P. Corner Chair
  • Heel, Ankle exerciser
  • Wrist Rotatory
  • Shoulder Wheel
  • Hand Gym Kit
  • Rollators - Medium to large

Educational Tools Required for - Palna Shishu Kendras & Supervised Homework Scheme Children
Grolier- In Home Learning Expert

  • Words
  • Fun Thinkers
  • Logico Primo
  • Talking English
  • I Wonder Why?