from Our Visitor Book

from Our Visitor Book
Date Name Country Comment
23/03/2018 Protima Agostini Vasino (Palna child who visited her first home after 20 years) Italy

Great emotion to come back here. Thank you for what you do for children and what you have done for me.

23/03/2018 Harotta Fuary

Great example of humankind, humanity and affection. Heartening experience for self with children. May this good work he continued in future as well.

23/03/2018 Simran Kaur India

Really touched with the kind of efforts put in by the staff to keep good care of the children at Palna. Will try to revisit often and extend my help.

30/11/2017 Harshita Agarwal India

It was a great experience. Children are so neat and clean and so well kept. Loved interacting with them. It was a lovely experience visiting Palna. You all are doing a very auspicious work for these children of god. Thank you for having us here.

20/11/2017 Richard Donine USA

This is an amazing place that holds a special place in the hearts of Bela and I - thank you for all you do.

02/11/2017 Mukta Kalra India

It was a pleasure to visit Palna, the NGO is doing great work. The whole staff here is very warm and cordial, really happy for the kids as they have such people as their backbone.

07/09/2017 Arti Sharma (IAS) India

More beautiful and inspiring than I thought “Palna” to be.

02/07/2016 Anbrea Depalma Italy

Thank you for the opportunity you gave me to bring my wife Anusuya Bernardi to PALNA, her home, in our honey moon.

A great spiritual experience.

02/07/2016 Anasuya Bernardi Italy Thanks for the emotion you give us.
28/06/2016 Tina Karnbek Meyer Denmark Great to visit the place and the staff. So many thank you for taking time for us to see where girls started
28/06/2016 Frida Poonam K. Meyer Denmark Thank you so much for having me. I truly appreciate! I Love you
28/06/2016 Chander Elivsa Karnbek Meyer Denmark

Thanks for a nice visit. Love to see all of children her me. It’s so beautiful.