Working Children's Project

The Working Children’s Project was initiated in 1987 and reaches out to children working in the unorganized sector, who are engaged in poorly paid and hazardous jobs. Poverty and the lack of facilities force them into to take up these jobs at an early age. These children are vulnerable to various diseases and malnutrition, and often live and work in unhygienic conditions. The programme has about 110 working children enrolled in it.

The Working Children’s Project provides these children with nutritious food, education, vocational training, health facilities, recreational activities, and keeps them off the streets.

Bridge course: This is aimed at children in the age group 6-14 years who are either dropouts or children who have never been to school. The bridge course ensures that they secure admission into regular school.

Supervised Homework Scheme: This is for children in the age group of 6-15 years who are already in school but need assistance to cope with their studies. 

Vocational Training Programme: This programme gives vocational skills to working girls to enable them to find safe, remunerative and dignified ways of earning a living.