Educational Sponsorship Programme

The Educational Sponsorship Programme provides financial support to academically bright children from low-income families who would otherwise be forced to drop out of school due to economic constraints. Academically inclined children - including physically challenged children - from families whose monthly income is no more than Rs.4000/- are eligible for sponsorship under this programme. At present about a 1000 children receive sponsorship. The Sponsorship Programme includes the following benefits for the children enrolled in the programme:

  • Financial support to cover fees in the form of a monthly stipend

  • Guidance and Counselling (Subject / Career Counselling)

  • Health Check-ups

  • Sponsorship Day Celebrations

  • Annual Prize Distribution for meritorious children

  • An annual gift for all children

  • Annual distribution of stationery to all children

  • Special assistance to meritorious children seeking to pursue higher studies

The sponsorship stipends are disbursed three times a year and help cover the costs of school fees, conveyance, uniforms and stationery. Sponsorship Day is celebrated in November as part of DCCW's Children's Week celebrations and it is a fun-filled day for our sponsored children. The progress of the sponsored children is closely monitored and incentives, in the form of gifts and prizes, are given to those who fare well academically. They are regularly counselled to encourage them to perform better and their progress is monitored. The children keep in touch with their sponsors through DCCW by sending them letters and progress reports twice a year.

The Sponsorship Programme is targeted at the vast, urban poor. By supporting school education, the programme has succeeded in keeping children in the classrooms and off the streets, inspiring many to pursue higher studies.