Success Stories


Kumkum is a young girl who attends our Working Children’s Programme at the New Seemapuri centre. Her father does odd jobs and her mother is a helper in a factory. Their family comprises five children including Kumkum. All the children do book binding work to augment the family income. They are paid between Rs 40-50 for every 100 books they bind.
Kumkum is a Class Vi student and is currently appearing for her final examinations to move to the next grade. Kumkum is doing very well in her studies and secures a position in the top four in her class.  She is a very active girl with a positive outlook on life despite her difficult circumstances. After school, she comes to the DCCW centre every day and completes her school work with the help of the teachers at the centre. After that she goes home, helps in housework and then binds about 25-30 books in the evening that earns her about Rs 10-12 per day. This amount helps to meet her study and personal expenses. 
She is determined to finish school and study as much as she can to ensure that her future is bright and she takes her place as an independent young woman in society, improving the quality of life of her family as well.
Our best wishes are with Kumkum …may she achieve her dreams….