Success Stories


7 year old Krishna Mandal, son of an earnest rickshaw-puller lives with his family in a crowded rented accommodation with a shared toilet. He suffers from disarticulation with laboured and unclear speech with faulty pitch and pronunciation. 

He was admitted to our Bal Chetna centre at Nithari in October, 2012. With therapy, his speech picked up and his normal cognition and hand functions enabled him to be a suitable candidate for learning to repair tyre punctures.

Now he has deftly learnt the craft in its 5 part procedure and satisfactorily completesthe task on his own!


Of course we cannot resist prompting him to simultaneously persist with his studies but he spontaneously prefers using his newfound skill! Often he cannot hide his pride at his achievement and readily showcases his craft for admiring onlookers!


We are delighted that Krishna has found his calling.