Success Stories


Sunil, afflicted with polio, arrived at the Orthopaedic Centre in 1997. He could not walk. He underwent corrective as well as specialised ring fixator surgery in multiple stages, followed by intensive physiotherapy and mobility training on callipers. Alas, Sunil who is an extremely conscientious child regretted missing school and insisted on promptly returning, post his confinement!

Overwhelmed by his courage and determination, Sunil was awarded an Educational Sponsorship by the Council Programme to enable him to comfortably complete school. And we were not to be isappointed. At last it enabled him to pursue his education without financial stress on the family.


Sunil soon qualified for an undergraduate honours' degree in Math at Delhi University's exclusive St. Stephen's College. Expectedly his parents were delighted with Sunil's achievement, albeit at some economic discomfort from their limited means. His father is employed as a helper worker in a local factory on a monthly salary of Rs. 6000 and the family is large comprising his grandparents, parents and a young sister. Currently, he is pursuing his Masters in Mathematics.


It is very heartening that Sunil is also growing up as a well-rounded personality. Outside his study time, Sunil enjoys reading, chess, badminton and watching comedy shows on television. 


We are confident that Sunil will take long strides in every way, in the years to come.