Success Stories


The story of little Suman and her family are our shining example of an exemplary application and conviction to overcome. 

Suman is the cheerful 6 year old daughter of Shishupal and Rekha who have only tentative livelihoods and a cramped home. A victim of cerebral palsy Suman cannot stand and has only recently started sitting with support.



But her parents are undeterred. Suman is brought to Bal Chetna on a daily basis for physiotherapy and speech therapy. Her mother sits in on the sessions and rigorously observes them so that she can do an accurate follow up of the exercises at home. Not only this. Suman was advised an assisted standing routine at home so that she learns to stand. Assisted standing training is usually offered on a special device called ' Stand-in frame' during treatment. Alas such a frame was outside the means of Suman's parents. Besides how could it squeeze into their tiny tenement?




But Suman’s parents' simply would not submit. They fabricated the device from scrap on the basis of what they had seen at our centre. And quite unbelievably the fabricated contraption perfectly enables the prescribed exercise routine at home! This along with a special chair received from a donor have greatly alleviated the rehabilitation protocol for Suman. Now her parents are working to fit a wall-mounted holding rod so that Suman can gradually practice standing up gripping it.