Success Stories


Ashifa's impresses at our Supervised Homework Scheme at the DCCW Dakshinpuri centre!


8 year old Ashifa (on the left in the photograph) is a student of class 3 at the nearby Nagar Nigam Prathamik Balbalika Vidyalaya. She is one of the 3 children of a local tailor and his domestic helper-wife and the monthly household income is a paltry rupees 10,000. Sadly the stretched resources have compelled Ashifa's parents to send her younger siblings away to live in their native village with relatives.

When little Ashifa started attending our centre, she could barely hold a pencil securely, let alone write! This compounded the already low self esteem.  Her parents, themselves unlettered, were not sensitized to the child's inadequacies and inevitably Ashifa's progress was poor.

At our centre, our Instructor realised that the child needed to be quickly, albeit systematically assisted, so that the time lost can be somewhat made up. A series of sessions with the child, interspersed continually with the orientation of Ashifa's parents, began to draw the child out of her handicap. Her parents' also began to respond and support the centre's effort by ensuring the child regularly attended her sessions. They also learnt to be vigilant at home and by and by, little Ashifa showed a remarkable improvement. Today she is able to read and write and never misses a test!


She also readily participates in Saturday activities and is especially fond of dancing! Ashifa has also made a few friends.


The centre, as a part of the regular protocol, has also been monitoring the child's health parameters. Anaemia, tonsillitis and a calcium deficiency, commonly characteristic of children from low income families were also the case with Ashifa. These have also been addressed with the requisite supplements and the ensuing well being has significantly also contributed to Ashifa's happy and made-over outlook towards school and the world in general.