Success Stories


Young Priya lives with her mother and three sisters in a small, rented room in Bhajanpura, Delhi. Her father, who was the sole earning member of the family died four years ago, leaving them at the mercy of relatives who were unsympathetic. Her mother was thus compelled to start working for a living. With no previous exposure she started going from door to door in the neighbourhood, selling small eatables. Now she manages to put together Rupees 8,000 monthly, which keeps the family's head above water, including paying a small school fee for the children. 

Priya’s older sister recently qualified for a temporary teaching job at a local school, after having been a very deserving beneficiary of the DCCW Educational Sponsorship Programme.

Similarly Priya, a bright student, always wanted to be a teacher and even qualified to join the two year course at a government institute. However, the steep fee made the course inaccessible for Priya and like her sister, she, too, approached DCCW for assistance. Once again we reached out with the help of our generous donors and a one-time assistance was granted to Priya. Thereon, she worked to support herself with a small income from doing private tuitions. 


The mother's persistence to single-handedly raise the girls and educate them to become financially independent is truly commendable. Here, our counselling support and sponsorship worked together to instill the importance of education and career in young girls. In fact, we are delighted that both Priya and her sister are now helping counsel students at DCCW. Intentionally or otherwise, it is their way of restoring to the community, as it were, some of what they took. Truly, life seems to have come full circle for these girls with gut.