Success Stories


Case of Congenital Amputation

A congenital limb deficiency present in a child is both physically and emotionally distressing, as it affects not just loss of function & sensation but also the body image due to functional disability. 

Neha, 14 year old  child  also  had  been through this, as  part of her  Left Upper  limb, was missing  by  birth  from  the  below elbow  level   and  the remaining  part  did  not function properly. Role of parents lower socio-economic condition and lack of awareness was the reason for delay in Prosthetic devices.   

DCCW team identified and made efforts to obtain a functional limb replacement device. Then Transradial  Prosthesis  was prescribed from  Kiwani  Dharmavira  Artificial limb centre,  replaced  her  forearm missing below the elbow and  worked on  Cable operated mechanism for limb . This will help her to gain confidence in initiating activities of daily living. 

Learning to use a prosthesis takes hard work and practice. Multi-disciplinary  professionals aimed at  to rehabilitate her  to the maximum level of independence, so the team of DCCW Physiotherapist & Occupational Therapist assessed and worked on  her  needs  with regards to the activities of daily living, use of device by training  movements  used to control terminal device with voluntary  opening and closing  for grasp and release mechanism .

Strength training protocol for the residual limb was carried out with resistive aids along with operation of the device with body movements.  Soon she became independent in donning and doffing of prosthesis.  The Upper limbs function aimed to engage her in tasks like Manipulation, expression of feeling and exploration of environment.

Now she has started bilateral use of hands in day to day activities of life which gives her both, functional and emotional satisfaction. Initiates holding, lifting and release of the objects. With the prosthesis and its limitations, she has fixed wrist with no rotatory movements of forearms     


She is in long term follow-up for the therapy and has to wear the limb for 5-6 hours in a day. The rehabilitation process was fraught with difficulties, both physical and emotional.  Now she is living her life with the given resolve with   motivation & perseverance given by the  team.

May be in future, child may get a more advanced prosthetic limb which would take her to different level of functioning by overcoming present device  limitations.