Success Stories


The journey of our young challenged members of the self help group ‘Roshni’ started over 9 years ago at our Bal Chetna at Sultanpuri. These children had enrolled at the centre for therapeutic, medical and nutritional guidance. Here, they were given training in basic vocational skills along with the therapeutic protocol. 


Slowly but steadily, these children were enabled to become self-reliant, albeit within the compulsions of their disabilities. 


In January 2016, the group enrolled for the training in bakery skills at Janakpuri, a corporate donor-supported programme. And there was no looking back. Our young learners were quick to assimilate what they were taught and emerged with flying colours at the evaluation! 

Now armed with a new confidence and determined to disarm the disability, as it were, the group formed a Self Help Group, named ‘Roshini’.  The group, currently has 10 members – Ghanshyam, Happy, Sabina, Mamta, Shivam, Rohit, Arti, Rajesh, another Rohit and Saroj.  DCCW supported with mentoring and today, not only can they bake, they also make their own paper envelopes, manage their sales and keep accounts! They are now also looking at growing their little industry in the community and DCCW is helping them with accessing government schools and the neighbourhood shops etc with the support of the local legislator.